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Legos & Learning: A Match Made in Heaven
posted by: Melissa | March 07, 2017, 03:52 PM   

Nothing entrances children as much as a pile of Lego pieces. These simple, interchangeable blocks do not move, make sounds, or light up like so many children’s toys do, but it’s this very simplicity that allows for endless possibilities and captures children’s imagination and creative sense. It’s exactly for these reasons that many teachers are using the blocks in their classrooms.

These special education students from Academy360 used Legos to create art, while a language arts teacher explains how he used Legos to teach prepositions. On the more technical side of things, CNet has a video on how Lego is piloting projects to teach robotics in the classroom. Legos are even being used in lessons at Harvard!

If you’re looking for ideas on how to incorporate Legos into your class, there are many sites that are filled with ideas for classroom teachers. Lego keeps an education page that is full of projects and materials for teachers, along with products specifically designed for the classroom.

A variety of other sites can also be mined for ideas on how to use Legos The Stem Laboratory demonstrates how to use challenge cards with Legos to help teach engineering, but there are many less obvious ways to use Legos as well. Edudemic has a listing of twelve ways that elementary teachers can use Legos that might be overlooked, the Teaching Ideas site has a much more exhaustive list that’s very helpfully broken down into subject areas, and Living Montessori has a list of printables to use with Lego activities. If nothing in those sites inspires you, Pinterest offers endless ideas and inspiration as always.

Have you used Legos in the classroom?

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