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Common Core Mathematics: How to Teach Perseverance in Solving Word Problems
posted by: Ruthie | November 22, 2013, 04:17 PM   

There are several tips that teachers can use to help students persevere in problem solving. 

  1. Work in partners or small groups who can help when they get stuck.
  2. Start students with problems they can easily solve. Once they feel success, progress to harder problems.
  3. Model different strategies that can be used to solve problems, either by thinking aloud while doing a problem at the board, or by having students talk through the ways that they would solve a problem.
  4. Design a classroom with a variety of tools that students can use in their problem solving.  This can include manipulatives that they can use during class or posters that provide hints and strategies.
  5. Create a safe way for students to examine the problems they got wrong and explore how they might avoid those mistakes next time by using a math journal or comparing mistakes in pairs.

For more information on this standard and how you can teach perseverance, check out Inside Mathematics break down of Standard 1 and this video about perseverance in math by the Teaching Channel.


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