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Quality Student Teaching Programs Increase Retention Rate
posted by: Cindy Omlin | June 17, 2015, 03:11 PM   

These findings seem to demonstrate the correlation between longer-term mentorships for new teachers and their ability to effectively perform alone in the classroom. 

As reported in Edsource: 

“Urban Teacher Residency United only allows 11 percent of applicants into its program. These teachers spend an entire academic year in the classroom with a mentor teacher, while pursuing masters-level course work toward a degree in the evening,” the report said. 

This training year can be critical to new teachers, as it gives them prolonged exposure to observing student interactions with veteran teachers. Giving new teachers hands-on experience in the classroom also provides excellent exposure to the types of students they may encounter during their career, enabling these novice teachers to develop methods that cater to individual student’s needs while maintaining the ability to tailor lessons to the entire class. 

The influx of new teachers over the next few years has the potential to alter the very way that we envision a classroom, as these fresh faces bring exciting new methods, ideas, and lesson plans to the table. It’s important that the new generation of teachers is trained properly and knows their way around the classroom before they step into their own for the first time.

Further, AAE members are supportive of quality student teaching programs and attracting excellent candidates to the classroom. According to the 2015 AAE Member Survey, 76 percent of surveyed teachers agree with a National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) report that recommends rigorous teacher preparation requirements, including a 3.0 GPA and the passage of subject-matter tests to gain entry into teaching programs.

We must strike a balance between attracting excellent candidates and instituting proper training methods. The future of the profession depends on it! 

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What do you think of these findings?

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