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NWPE Responds to IFF Lawsuit against Boise SD and Boise EA
posted by: Cindy Omlin | September 03, 2015, 06:33 PM   

It’s downright unethical and insulting to taxpayers who fund the schools thinking that their money flows to the classroom only to find out that some of their taxes are underwriting union activities and salaries.  Flagging money to prop up union influence in the district should be strictly prohibited.

As a professional educators’ organization, we are frustrated with questionable tactics of the Boise school district and teachers union and taxpayers should be, too.  The collective bargaining process  is not only used to misappropriate tax dollars for union activities, it is also used to shut out other associations, such as NWPE, which provide teachers with a nonunion choice for professional protection and support.  Our members are not allowed to have their own organization represented at district functions or distribute materials in their buildings because of the exclusionary tactics of the district and union.

Taxpayers deserve to know that their hard earned contributions to the Boise school district are not funding a private, labor organization—a clear conflict of interest.  Educators also deserve to examine association options for professional representation and to choose the organization that best reflects their values, beliefs, and budgets.

We hope that IFF is successful in ensuring that tax dollars are used appropriately for the benefit of students.

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