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Taylor Warren Awarded $500 Grant for Flexible Seating
posted by: Cindy Omlin | May 08, 2017, 08:13 PM   

Congratulations to Taylor Warren, 4th grade teacher at Endeavor Elementary in the Nampa School District, Nampa, Idaho, who was awarded a $500 grant from NWPE.  She will use the funds to redesign her classroom using flexible seating equipment such as stability balls, wobble cushions, stack stools, carpet squares, a classroom set of clipboards, and small storage units.

taylor warner cropThe grant will enable Ms. Warren to provide accommodations for students who require physical movement to succeed academically, along with allowing for students to develop their choice of modifications to advance their own success, thus, increasing their accountability and self-awareness. 

Ms. Warren noted the research of Matthew T. Mahar and colleagues at the Activity Promotion Laboratory, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, East Carolina University’s research, “Effects of a classroom-based program on physical activity and on-task behavior,” The research was cited by the Illinois Enhanced P.E. Task Force as showing that “Children who participate in short bouts of physical activity within the classroom have more on-task behavior, with the best improvement seen in students who are least on-task initially.” 

As a new teacher, Ms. Warren shared that it is important to her to have a choice in professional organizations so that she can obtain knowledge related to her profession, as well as influence its outcomes.  Her interest in the “continuous innovation of the teaching profession” influenced her decision to choose NWPE as her association of choice.  “Northwest Professional Educators promotes and provides for the implementation of useful resources and best practice into the classroom.” 

NWPE is proud to support Ms. Taylor and her students and wish her a long and happy career as a professional educator!

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