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Opinion: Teacher Supports Charter Schools in Washington State
posted by: Cindy Omlin | October 11, 2012, 08:27 PM   

In a Bellingham Herald op-ed, special education teacher Jenni Veitch-Olson explains her support for Initiative 1240, which would allow the establishment public charter schools in Washington state.

Ms. Veitch-Olson's article proves that many traditional public schools teachers do support options.

As a Bellingham Public School District special education teacher and aide, I understand firsthand the importance of choosing and receiving the customized learning experiences that students with special needs deserve.

Across our country, research has shown that public charter schools in other states do a better job than traditional public schools in helping struggling students stay in school and succeed.

Owing to this record of success, I am voting yes on Initiative 1240 this November to bring charter schools to our state.

I-1240 allows up to 40 public charter schools in Washington over the next five years. A yes vote on 1240 gives more public school options to parents and students here in Washington.

Charter schools are public schools. They are independently managed by approved non-profits, and are free and open to all students. Charter schools are subject to the same academic standards as traditional public schools, and teachers must be certified in the same manner as other public school teachers.

The key difference between traditional public schools and public charters schools is that charter schools have more flexibility in establishing curriculum, budgets, scheduling,and staffing. This fluidity affords the opportunity for public charter schools to better meet the individual needs of students and to create customized learning environments that help all students to succeed. As I have witnessed in many of my students, the adaptability of public charter schools is integral to the academic success of those who struggle within a traditional public school setting and those with special needs.

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Teachers, what do you think about Ms. Veitch-Olson's article?
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