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Vallivue Math Teacher Wins Scholarship
posted by: Cindy Omlin | April 29, 2014, 03:25 AM   


chris best 2014 croppedNWPE is proud to reward Mr. Best for his hard work advancing his professionalism and that of other educators.  One idea he has for raising the professionalism of teaching as a career is to increase the freedom of teachers to teach, a pursuit that he believes will help to enhance respect for the profession of education. “I think that setting teachers free from the constraints of uniformity in thinking and from political agendas will encourage new avenues of thought in accomplishing educational goals.  Allowing competition to flourish among problem-solving ideas will lead to a public image of teachers striving for the students’ best interest, rather than the perception of teachers striving after their own economic interests.”


Mr. Best is a longtime member of NWPE who discovered there are numerous reasons to join NWPE.  “I initially joined for the career protection NWPE provides. As I got more knowledgeable of NWPE, I began to promote NWPE to my colleagues. Freedom of choice allows competition, which encourages teachers, students, administrators and the public to consider different points of view. Some points of view are better able to advance education than are others. Rarely do large groups come up with innovative ideas. Opposing viewpoints breed discussion and new ways of thinking, or at least do to minds that are open to new viewpoints.”


NWPE awards $500 teacher scholarships and classroom grants twice a year. Teachers who are new to the profession or their classroom are also eligible for $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grants.  All educators are eligible for the awards although NWPE members receive first preference.  The next application deadline for the $500 awards is October 1, 2014.  The application for the $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grants is December 31.


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