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Aaron Ritter, Principal, iSucceed Virtual HS, Awarded NWPE Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | May 01, 2014, 02:15 AM   

aaron ritter leah guelker
The award will fund the purchase audio/video equipment for student use in iSucceed’s first "blended" class, Interactive Multimedia, at the Boise Study Lab.  Describing the class, Mr. Ritter notes, “While there will be a focus on career technical education-related skills and knowledge, 9-12 Idaho Core Standards will be addressed, particularly in the areas of technical subjects in reading. For example, students will be expected to integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words. The materials purchased will provide students with access to resources associated with the more technical side of the subject. Demonstrating competence in both the use of the equipment and the technical reading and writing will be a focus and will promote student learning in an effective and engaging format.”

Mr. Ritter, who worked most of his education career within the walls of the traditional brick and mortar classroom setting, believes that “clear, concise, understanding communication is the key to raising the bar for professionalism in education.”  Since transitioning to the virtual setting, he remarks, “I've witnessed firsthand the evolution of effective communication. As a school, we committed to improving our communication with students, families, staff, and community through timely responses, transparency, honesty, and with a consistent manner of caring that frankly, was lacking 12 months ago. The response has been incredible! Perception is reality for people, and it's amazing to see how quickly walls are broken down when a team commits to being the best communicators possible. When this happens, trust is established and all parties begin to better understand their role(s) related to the education of students.”

Mr. Ritter states that his primary reasons for joining NWPE were to access resources such as fellow educators, professional ideas/best practices, and resources for his school.  “We are constantly looking for ways to grow professionally and in ways that best benefit kids. Frankly, being able to access the ideas and practices of others is hard to beat when the goal of ensuring student success is the common thread.”

Mr. Ritter’s award is certainly well-deserved as he seeks ways to increase student achievement.  Northwest Professional Educators is proud to reward educators for their hard work and creativity in the classroom.

More information about Northwest Professional Educators and its teacher scholarship and classroom grant program may be obtained by visiting the website at or calling 800-380-6973.

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