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Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) provides teacher liability insurance, legal services, and caring support without paying for controversial political agendas. Partnered with the Association of American Educators, NWPE advances teacher choice in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon by providing an inexpensive, nonpartisan teacher union alternative that saves teachers, paraprofessionals and principals hundreds of dollars per year. Let the fastest-growing nonunion teacher association in our region protect your career, your reputation, and your future. Join now for twice the liability insurance of the teachers union, guaranteed legal services, and classroom support benefiting academic professionals!

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Vineyard Christian Academy Celebrates School Choice Week

posted by Cindy Omlin | February 02, 2016, 06:07 pm

On Tuesday, January 27, Brenda Miller, NWPE degional director, hosted an Idaho School Choice Celebration at Vineyard Christian Academy (VCA), a private Christian school which blends traditional brick and mortal schooling with homeschooling.  The school also participated in the Idaho School Choice Rally on Wednesday, January 27.

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NWPE Members Lead Future City Teams to Awards

posted by Cindy Omlin | February 02, 2016, 05:40 pm

NWPE member and Salmon River Middle School science teacher Sarah Walters took her students to the dump and the Riggins sewage treatment facility in order to prompt their interest in science and engineering. That led to a collaborative effort and entry into the Future City Competition.  Ms. Walters noted that it was a full staff effort.  “I headed up the project but owe the success of the project to the whole staff at Salmon River Middle School.  We decided this year to make Future City a collaborative project.  The Math teacher taught about scale, the history teachers taught about the city basics and what makes a city successful, the English teachers helped write the essays, the shop teacher helped build the models, and in science, we designed our engineering plans, researched waste management methods, took field trips to study how our city's waste is managed and put together our presentation.  It took not just a team of students but the staff also worked as a team.”

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Shawna Exline Featured in NSCW Spotlight Video!

posted by Cindy Omlin | January 28, 2016, 04:38 pm

Woo hoo!!!  NWPE member Shawna Exline, West Ada 2016 Teacher of the Year, is featured in the National School Choice Spotlight video for 1-28-16.  (Please note that you have to scroll down to the video and wait for the brief audio of rapper Ludicrous to finish before the video will start.)  NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller is furthering the celebration by hosting a lunch at Shawna's school of choice, the Idaho Fine Arts Academy, on the 29th. See below for pictures of the fun!

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