NWPE is a state chapter of the Association of American Educators.

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Who Are We

Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) provides teacher liability insurance, legal services, and caring support without paying for controversial political agendas. Partnered with the Association of American Educators, NWPE advances teacher choice in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon by providing an inexpensive, nonpartisan teacher union alternative that saves teachers, paraprofessionals and principals hundreds of dollars per year. Let the fastest-growing nonunion teacher association in our region protect your career, your reputation, and your future. Join now for twice the liability insurance of the teachers union, guaranteed legal services, and classroom support benefiting academic professionals!

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NWPE Looks Back as We Celebrate AAE’s 20th Anniversary of Providing Teacher Choice

posted by Cindy Omlin | November 24, 2014, 06:13 PM

This month educators and others who support teacher choice are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Association of American Educators (AAE).  For two decades, AAE has valiantly provided educators a refuge for career protection and professional support as teachers have discovered that teacher union politics, tactics and priorities are not in line with what they believe to be in their students’ or their profession’s best interests.  Northwest Professional Educators takes this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Gary and Piete Beckner and their band of nationally recognized teachers who launched the organization with vision, courage, and tenacity 20 years ago.

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Lorelle Williams Awarded Scholarship to Learn "Effective Strategies for an Engaged Classroom"

posted by Cindy Omlin | November 17, 2014, 06:58 PM

Congratulations to Ms. Lorelle Williams, a 7th Grade English teacher at Madison Jr. High in Rexburg, Idaho, who has been awarded a $400 professional development scholarship from Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE), the state’s only non-union professional teacher association. Ms. Brenda Miller, NWPE Regional Membership Director, presented the award at a staff department meeting. Ms. Williams will utilize the award to take the course “Teach Like a Champ: Effective Strategies for an Engaged Classroom” offered through Learner’s Edge.

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Designing Projects with Learning in Mind

posted by Cindy Omlin | November 21, 2014, 04:56 PM

Projects have a great ability to engage and invigorate students.  They offer an authentic learning experience as a means to evaluate student knowledge that is deeper and more nuanced than any multiple choice test.  Teachers dream of projects that inspire, yet so often we design projects that are shallow and require little, if any, critical thinking skills.

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