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About Us

Northwest Professional Educators provides career protection, caring support, and helpful services for academic professionals. Click here to keep abreast of news, resources, and opportunities for educators by becoming a fan of NWPE's Facebook page.

Protect Yourself

You inspire. You motivate. You open minds. You also face potentially complex litigation and workplace issues every day. Let Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) protect your career, reputation, and future.

Save Money

Pay just $19.50 a month and save over $400 for professional liability insurance, career protection, and other important benefits. As an NWPE member, you will receive caring, professional support and twice the legal and liability protection of other organizations. See how we compare!

Get the Respect You Deserve

NWPE is an affiliate of the Association of American Educators, a nonpartisan organization founded to help you achieve the respect, recognition, and reward you deserve. NWPE offers you a powerful, affordable choice. NWPE members enjoy teaching scholarships, classroom mini-grants, educational resources, consultation on employment-related issues, guaranteed legal services for job protection issues, and regular communications for a more enriched and personally rewarding career.

Dietrich educator Thad Bigger notes, "I appreciate how NWPE provides me with timely, relevant information and advice that makes me a better, more informed educator. Plus, you can't beat its affordable liability protection and guaranteed legal services.  I wholeheartedly recommend NWPE. It is a top notch organization that is tuned into the real needs and interests of today's educators."  See more teacher testimonials here. Become an NWPE Facebook fan here to keep abreast of NWPE and education news, resources, and opportunities.

Professionalism and Protection Without the Politics

NWPE stays focused on what is best for students and those who place them as their highest priority. NWPE does not divert dues to politics unrelated to education nor contribute them to political parties, candidates, issues or causes that are not related to education. The NEA, on the other hand, confirms its dedication to advancing a social and economic agenda using member dues (while also sharing how it feels about those who oppose its political views) here. Unfortunately, the union's political agenda often counteracts what is best for students.

Professional Pride

Join with distinguished NWPE members and educators such as Bill Russell, 2010 International Teaching Excellence Award (ACBSP), Carol Scholz, 2008 Idaho Teacher of the Year; Dr. Bill Proser, founder and teacher at the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy (identified by Newsweek as one of the nation's top high schools); Brad Patzer, 2003 Milken Educator; Mikki Nuckols, 2007 Milken Educator; Angie Dorman, 2006 U.S. Department of Education American Stars of Teaching Award Winner; Merle Saunders, 2001 Milken Educator and 2005 National Teachers Hall of Fame member; Howard Henning, 2006 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science, and more!

Click here to compare NWPE's protection with the teacher union.

Join now to gain affordable liability coverage, legal representation, and other education related benefits for just $19.50 a month.  For more information, contact us using this form.

Read our response to the campaign against teacher choices here.