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Join Northwest Professional Educators
NWPE Professional Membership is $16.50 per month ($198 annually).

Members begin receiving benefits on the day they join.

Professional membership is open to any employee of an educational entity (e.g., teachers, para-professionals, counselors, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, school and district administrators) in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Students who are working towards licensure or teacher certification, retired educators, and associate members may join at a reduced rate of $25 annually. Visit Member Benefits to learn more.

Independent contractors who are not eligible for professional membership can apply for private practice liability insurance after joining as an NWPE Associate/Support Member. Read more here.

Payment Options

#1 Credit Card Payment (annual or monthly):

New and Renewing Members:

Proceed to the secure online application >>

Student Members Upgrading to Professional Membership (save $102!):

Proceed to the secure discount upgrade application >>

#2 Check (annual) or Bank Draft (monthly) Payments (new and renewing members):

Please print, complete, and mail the form below:

#3 Payroll Deduction (Idaho only, availability varies by district):

Please contact NWPE to determine if your district offers payroll deduction for NWPE dues.

For all questions or to apply by phone:
call 1-800-380-6973


IDAHO TEACHERS: Teachers in Idaho who wish to withdraw union membership may use this letter. Call NWPE at 1-800-380-6973 or email us through our website contact form for more information.

WASHINGTON/OREGON TEACHERS: Washington/Oregon teachers wishing to withdraw union membership may use the sample letter
here. (Please modify letter as needed.)  Objecting agency fee payers should send their yearly union objection rebate letters by certified mail or return receipt and save their proof of mailing in case a dispute with the union should arise over eligibility for the dues rebate.  Letters must be submitted according to union timelines. There are no deadlines or annual notifications with which teachers must comply to become religious objectors.  Religious objectors are entitled to send 100% of their union dues to a nonreligious charity.  Contact NWPE at 1-800-380-6973 or email us through our website contact form for more information on exercising agency fee payer or religious objector rights.