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Reasons to Join NWPE

MEMBER SATISFACTION.  We pride ourselves on member satisfaction.  Stan Long wrote, "Dear NWPE, I want to thank you for the unrelenting excellence you've shown me.  Every call I've made, every email I've sent, has been answered promptly and thoughtfully.  The legal representation has been outstanding.  I credit NWPE with saving my career.  When I first visited the NWPE website I thought it was too good to be true.  I shouldn't have.  To educators who are thinking of joining all I can say is, "Trust what you see.  You won't be disappointed."  See other member comments here.

SPEEDY, UNBIASED LEGAL SUPPORT.  Members have access to attorneys at the onset of problems and may use the attorney of their choice for job protection issues.  You don't have to rely on a fellow teacher, or district or union attorney, who might have conflicts of interest when advising you.

DIVERSE SERVICES.  NWPE provides legal and liability protection, professional development resources, education news and updates, practical classroom resources, teacher scholarships and classroom mini-grants, and a voice on education issues.  NWPE can also strengthen "local only" bargaining units with non-bargaining support services.

NATIONAL COALITION.  NWPE is an affiliate of the Association of American Educators (AAE) - the nation's largest and fastest growing independent professional educators' association.  Three National Teachers of the Year serve on AAE's board.  NWPE is not a labor union, nor is it affiliated with the NEA or AFT.  USA Today, the Washington Times, and the Wall Street Journal have reported on the national movement of over 300,000 educators who have chosen independent professional organizations for professionalism and protection without paying for partisan politics.

RESPECT FOR ACADEMIC PROFESSIONALS.  NWPE helps promote educators as academic professionals by focusing only on what our members want, namely, professionalism and protection.  NWPE contributes no dues to fund political parties, candidates or non-education political/social issues, directly or indirectly.  For more information on union dues and political spending, see Union Drop Rights.