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NWPE Member David Jones Garners $500 Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 08, 2015, 09:08 PM   

david jones 11-17-2015Mr. Jones’ grant will help fund purchase of a Sine Wave Generator and Mechanical Wave Driver in order to align a sequence of general music lessons with the Idaho state science standards, the 6th grade Pearson science textbook, and State Common Core Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts. The music lessons will help children gain a deeper understanding of mechanical waves, harmonic motion, electromagnetism, and the scientific method.  “We believe this unit is the epitome of cross curricular instruction. It incorporates and addresses Music, Math, Science, and ELA curriculum and standards,” he noted. 

Mr. Jones stated that the unit is a collaboration of elementary music teachers and 6th grade teachers from two of the elementary schools in his district. “We plan on making this a traveling lab that would allow the experiments to travel to other schools.” 

Mr. Jones believes in accountability to parents as the primary mechanism to increase teacher professionalism.  “Ultimately, parents expect us to teach their children the academic things that they need know in order secure a means to support themselves in adulthood and provide for themselves and their families. If we are able to do that, we will gain the respect of the public.” 

Accountability in associations is also important to David.  A ten year member of NWPE, he joined when he became frustrated with the IEA and NEA and their focus on non-education legislation that was not representative of his personal beliefs or those of most teachers he knows.  “I believe choice is key in any marketplace. The fact that there is another option has opened lanes of collaboration and discussion that DO NOT exist in the traditional labor union.” 

We’re proud of David and his emphasis on meeting the needs of students and the expectations of parents.  We’re happy to reward him for his creativity and hard work in the classroom!

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