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Gabrielle Saurette, Coeur d'Alene Charter, Awarded Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | April 29, 2016, 12:10 AM   

brenda miller gabrielle sauretteMs. Saurette says that she joined NWPE primarily for the support and legal protection that NWPE provides as well as to tie herself to a group of like-minded individuals who intend to reform the way politicians regard education policy. “As a new teacher, I know the only way I will thrive in this profession is through action, be that educational or political or even prayerful. I once saw myself as eventually ending up in a political role, and, although I have fallen in love with the classroom (as undersupplied as it may be), I know that man is a political animal as well as a collaborative one. I cannot hope to instill good tenets of citizenship in my students without modeling it first through action.”

Ms. Saurette thinks it critical that the standards to become an educator be raised in the state of Idaho.  She relates this story:

“I remember the day I signed the paperwork for entrance to the University of Idaho Education Program in Moscow. It was in October. It was raining. I wrote down, on the intake form, all my pertinent contact information and dutifully noted my advisors. I was startled when I saw the GPA requirement: 2.75.
I had a 4.0. I was forever firewalled from academic probation by my perfectionist hardwiring. I relaxed. Smirked even. Signed my name next to the listed low standards.
Last week the University of Idaho called me to update my records and solicit my generosity: standard, month-before-my birthday call. Shawn, a freshman, told me that the education building has been completely renovated.
The entrance requirements for the degree have not been. I checked. 2.75 is the norm in 2016 as it was in 2009.
Until the profession in this state begins attracting people that are passionate and purposeful and proficient in both learning and teaching, we will not, as a state, garner the respect we desperately need. Reform must be bolstered at the level of teacher training and the support must be sustained.”

We are thrilled that Ms. Saurette has so much grit and enthusiasm for raising the professionalism of education.  NWPE is privileged to be her association of choice for raising those standards and shattering the status quo that holds back both educators and students.

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