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Kris Daratha Awarded Grant for Community Project
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 07, 2016, 05:00 PM   

kris daratha grant pic“The purpose of the grant is to use STEM to solve the massive local problem of ice buildup on the sidewalks around our community,” states Mr. Daratha.  “The costs of this project include wiring, solar cells, fiberglass resin and cloth. This project has already been started, but needs additional funding to improve the project.”

All of Mr. Daratha’s science classes will be involved in researching and building the heated sidewalks. In addition, every student K-12 will benefit because they will provide safe passage for every student to come to school.   To maximize the benefit, the sidewalks will be placed in front of the busiest areas of town to help the most people.

According to Mr. Daratha raising the professionalism of educators will be best accomplished if teachers conduct research just as college professors often do. “Using data and first hand research will spark innovation and professionalism in our K-12 system.”

Mr. Daratha appreciates that NWPE gives him a choice for professional protection and support.  “I joined NWPE for the legal protection and believe that the best thing for the consumer (teachers) is multiple choices of where to get their insurance.”

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