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NWPE's Jason George and Students Score Awards
posted by: Cindy Omlin | February 21, 2017, 07:47 PM   

jason george presidential award headshotMr. George shared his perspective on the six teams that attended ISEF, “These students were absolutely amazing! Totally original research ideas, tons of paperwork, well written research proposals, excellent time management, and just the grit and determination to see a large scale research project through to the end. The future is really bright for these students. Our group of juniors will be competing against 72 other nations in the international competition in May.  They will have the opportunity to meet other STEM students from all over the globe during their week long competition.”

Brooklyn Legg’s mom, Corla Legg, shared her reflection, “As a parent, I cannot put into words how happy and proud we are of T.J., Luke, and Brooklyn. They have worked so hard and for such a long time on this project. We are so thankful for … Mr. George who has continued to lead and help them along. Brooklyn is so excited and happy, not only that she and her team won and have a chance now to really improve their project, but at the success of all the students from our school. We were all so proud every time one of our kids was named for an award. Thank you to Vision Charter School staff who have helped nurture, educate and grow these incredible young men and women and as one of their parents I will be forever grateful.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Mr. George, who is making a huge impact on our profession and nation with his contributions to educating and guiding young minds for the thrill of scientific discovery and innovation!

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