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Nerissa Armstrong Awarded $500 Scholarship for Social Studies Conference
posted by: Cindy Omlin | May 08, 2017, 08:52 PM   

nerissa armstrong spring 17 scholarshipMs. Armstrong believes that attendance at the conference will provide her with new ideas, programs, and access to other educators that will to further her role as teacher and department chair.  “I take my role as mentor, advisor, and educator very seriously.  By attending this conference, I can learn new ways to present my curriculum.  My goal is always to reach the most students.  As I tell them every day, I want to create ‘History Dorks’ out of all of them.” 

A committed professional, Ms. Armstrong, notes that community outreach is critical to gaining respect for educators. “We have to reach out to the public, to parents, to our administrators.  Not just when we have a problem that needs fixed, but when we have one of the many victories that come in our school days.  Yes, teachers are often overlooked.  Yes, we deserve more resources and better pay.  But we are also so lucky to be in a job that allows us to mold futures, to build better citizens, to make connections that can improve someone’s life.  We may be an underestimated profession, but we are also an incredibly lucky one.” 

We wish Ms. Armstrong a fruitful experience at the conference and look forward to her advancing the learning of students and staff alike when she returns from San Francisco!

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