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Teacher Union Decline by State
posted by: Cindy Omlin | February 10, 2012, 12:51 AM   

According to the data requirements compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union membership each year is reported by total membership per state. While the data doesn't distinguish type of employee, the report is considered the most accurate representation of union membership totals in 2011.

Rather than examine unionization rates, or market share of educators, reflecting on total membership losses both reflect lost teachers and lost income. While some of the states losing members in the analysis are predictable, others are coming from states where teachers are already forced to pay dues as a condition of employment–an indication of severe dissatisfaction with union representation based on the difficult agency fee payer process.
  1. South Carolina 26.3%
  2. Idaho 26.2%
  3. Nebraska 13.3%
  4. North Dakota 13.0%
  5. New Mexico 10.9%
  6. Utah 10.7%
  7. North Carolina 10.3%
  8. South Dakota 10.0%
  9. Arizona 7.5%
  10. West Virginia 7.0%
  11. Washington 6.3%
  12. Wisconsin 4.5%
  13. Minnesota 3.6%
  14. New Jersey 3.5%
  15. Alabama and New York 2.7%
  16. California 2.1%
  17. Texas 2.0%
  18. Iowa 1.9%
  19. Ohio 1.2%

Keep in mind these totals reflect just the early downturn in 2011. Undoubtedly, these numbers will grow as various labor reforms are instituted in individual states. The figures demonstrate very real downturns in traditional union strong-hold states, with many of the right-to-work state unions verging on virtual collapse without national intervention.

Interestingly, some of the states with the largest union downturns reflect states with a growing non-union presence, particularly in Idaho and Utah.

What are your thoughts about the states in decline?

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Originally posted by Alix at AAE.

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