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October 13, 2004

For Immediate Release:


Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE) announces its support for Referendum 55 on charter schools.

Eighty two percent of Washington state NWPE member survey respondents support Referendum 55 to allow a limited number of public charter schools.

Teachers are yearning for a more professional school climate liberated from unnecessarily constrictive union rules, government regulations, and the attitude of “go along to get along” that is hampering their ability to educate students fully. Teachers and students deserve an education environment free from hostility toward fresh ideas and independent thinking.

The healthy competition provided by public charter schools will provide much needed flexibility in serving our most needy children. When teachers and parents are free to bring their creativity, innovation, and hard work to the public school of their choice, the disadvantaged students targeted by Referendum 55 will have the opportunity to achieve greater success.

NWPE is a nonunion, nonprofit professional educators organization offering teachers professionalism and protection without advancing noneducational political issues. NWPE takes positions on education issues only after surveying its members and receiving a supermajority vote of member respondents. NWPE does not donate members’ dues to political parties, candidates, or ballot issues.

Contact: Ed Dawson, NWPE President
Teacher, Battle Ground School District

Cindy Omlin, Executive Director
PO Box 28496
Spokane, WA 99228-8496


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