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Digital Game-Based Learning

Digital game-based learning (DGBL) is described by Richard Van Eck, an Associate Professor and the Graduate Director of the Instructional Design & Technology program at the University of North Dakota, as "an exciting tool to promote problem-solving, 21st century skills, and a variety of content within situated, meaningful contexts, whether through the integration of commercial games in curriculum or the development of new games for learning purposes." He says, "DGBL is not, however, a panacea, nor is it for all learners, all learning outcomes, or all learning situations. Its benefits are accompanied by challenges and teachers have to be careful about planning where, when, how, and for whom we use DGBL."

Van Eck suggests the following sites as a starting point for K-12 and education in general for digital game-based learning.

K-12 Games Resources

The IGDA has been doing considerable work on building bridges with the academic and student communities. These efforts have been focused on setting curriculum guidelines, to enhance collaboration between industry and academia and to provide guidance to students wanting a career in games. See

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