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NWPE Teacher Scholarship Application

NWPE Teacher Scholarship Application


Available Awards
Grants are available for up to $500. Grants are competitive. Not all who apply will receive funding. If you would like to donate funds so that we can provide more awards, please do so on our donation page.

 Teacher Scholarship Funding Options
Teacher scholarships can be used for a wide variety of professional development opportunities and materials.  These include conferences, inservices, and materials for PLCs.  The scholarship will cover all associated costs with attending these events or obtaining these materials.  Teacher scholarships do not cover classes or materials in pursuit of a graduate degree.



Teacher Scholarships are available to all educators in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, who have not received a scholarship or grant from NWPE in the last two years. NWPE members receive additional weight in the scoring rubric. Join NWPE today

Application Deadlines

Autumn:  October 1st Spring:  March 1st


*Online applications must be received before 11:59pm PST on the day of the deadline to be considered.

Please fill out the application below.  All fields are required.
Part I - Contact Information
Teacher's Information
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Teacher's Phone Number
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If you win, we will submit a press release to your local paper(s). If you know the name of your local paper(s), please provide it/them below.

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Have you won any awards, sat on any committees, provided testimony, or otherwise been recognized in connection to your work as an educator?

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Principal's Information
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Part II - Membership in the Association of American Educators
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Part III - Proposal
Please fill select the grade level and subject the grant is being applied for.
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Proposal Topic
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Funds Used For

Please specify what you will use the funds for.

In a few words, please describe the items you intend to purchase if provided the funds.  Description should be as specific and detailed as possible.  Examples:

  • Non-fiction Book Set
  • Career Guidance Packs
  • Document Camera
  • Music Notation Software
  • Makerbots



In a Microsoft Word or a text document, answer all five questions below.

This part of the application will scored blind. As you answer the question, please avoid personal information that could be used to identify you, your students, or your school.

Unfortunately, our system is not compatible with Google Doc or Apple Pages uploads, please convert these documents into text documents.

  1. Provide an overview of the professional development you are going to attend, including the name of the professional development, the name of the organization putting on the PD, the dates the PD  will be taking place, and the location or method of instruction (100 words maximum).
  2. In a 2-column table, list the items and costs you are anticipating you will need reimbursement for. This may include registration fees, travel costs, mileage reimbursement, hotel fees, and other costs associated with participation. Include a total cost at the bottom. Please remember, we will only reimburse a maximum of $500.
  3. Describe in detail why you are seeking this training out and why this professional development is needed in your career or classroom (100 words).
  4. Describe in detail the skills, competencies, and/or new knowledge that you will gain from this professional development and how this professional development will provide you with that skill or information (100 words).
  5. Describe in detail the impact that this professional development will have on your classroom, career, and/or community. Include how you plan to implement the new knowledge and skills you have gained (100 words).
AnonymityPlease certify anonymity. I understand that any information in the uploaded document below should be free of identifying information, including my name, students names, and my school name.


Upload ProposalPlease upload your proposal
Please agree to the terms
Please agree to Reimbursement.
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