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Joie Cariaga, Nampa, ID, Receives NWPE Classroom Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | November 19, 2013, 12:30 AM   

joie cariaga leah guelker kim bekkedahl sarah anderson snip

From left to right: Sarah Anderson (student teacher), Joie Cariaga (NWPE Grant Winner),
Kim Bekkedahl (Principal), Leah Guelker (NWPE)

Ms. Cariaga noted in her application that implementation of up-to-date technology will help her increase the effectiveness of teaching the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the critical thinking that is at the heart of the CCSS. Her students evaluate articles, graphs, music, recorded performances, and editorials on a daily basis.  They are encouraged to decipher these sources through writing and group discussion in keeping with the CCSS.  In addition to making CCSS application more easily accessible, the various applications and Ipad software will enhance her Choir and Spanish students’ mastery of vocabulary by allowing for immediate assessments of groups and individuals.

NWPE is happy to provide Ms. Cariaga with this grant to enhance student learning.  It is certainly well-deserved as she seeks ways to increase student achievement. We are proud to reward her for her hard work and creativity in the classroom.

A new member of NWPE, Ms. Cariaga says she was thrilled to find out that use of member dues for political activity and lobbying is not a practice in which NWPE participates.  She wrote that that “is a major reason why I intend to remain a member.”  She’s been extremely happy with NWPE service so far, remarking, “The quick and personal support I have received through NWPE has blown me away.”

NWPE awards $500 teacher scholarships and classroom grants twice a year. Teachers who are new to the profession or their classroom are also eligible for $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grants.  All educators are eligible for the awards although NWPE members receive first preference.  The next application deadline for the $500 awards is March 1, 2013.  The application for the $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grants is December 31.

See for more information.

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