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Rachel Rojas Wins $500 Teacher Scholarship
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 06, 2014, 09:31 PM   


rachel rojas leah guelker clip
Rachel Rojas, left, Leah Guelker, right.
NWPE is happy to provide Ms. Rojas this scholarship to enhance her professional growth and student learning.  Her award is certainly well-deserved as she seeks ways to enhance incorporation of the arts into the school’s cross-disciplinary academic setting.


Rachel shared that she desires to create a classroom atmosphere for the exploration of art and other subjects in order to foster diverse learners and an exceptionally creative atmosphere. She has worked heavily with the science department.  Last year, her Graphic Design class and the Marine Biology class designed a collaborative project. This year, she will take her Graphic Design students through an animation unit with the intention of creating interactive images that will be used in the Marine Biology iBook textbooks. Additionally, she completed a sculpture project with her Art 1 students that incorporated Literature as they related their sculptures to the author Edgar Allen Poe. Student sculptures were on display at the all-school Edgar Allen Poe night in late October. Arts integration with other disciplines is an area about which she is most passionate.


Rachel describes how Northwest Professional Educators and having a choice of professional educator organizations enhances not only her own professionalism but that of the education field:


“As I pursued Education in college, I was only aware of the NEA as a professional organization for educators. I was told that all teachers needed to support this organization. The more I learned about the NEA, the more I became turned off from any professional organization that required dues. As I began my first year of teaching, I became aware of the NWPE. It was almost spoken of as a secret society that ran underground.


“The more I looked into NWPE, the more I understood why it was not promoted and spoken of by any organization related to NEA. The benefits and clear explanation of the usage of member fees speaks volumes and outshines any neighboring professional organization for educators.


“I agree whole-heartedly with the core values of the NWPE as its first duty is to the student. In order to ensure that this duty is carried out, NWPE believes in the professional development and growth of this nation’s educators. NWPE has its core values in line and thus provides the most efficient and effective support for educators. NWPE also reiterates its values by providing funding and scholarships to educators in order to grow in their professional development. I am overly convinced of the benefits and support of the NWPE.”


Congratulations again to Rachel Rojas!  NWPE is privileged to serve an educator of her passion and distinction.


More information about Northwest Professional Educators and its teacher scholarship and classroom grant program may be obtained by visiting the website at or calling 800-380-6973.

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