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Zach Parker, Sage International Teacher, Awarded NWPE Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 01, 2015, 02:54 AM   

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Mr. Parker’s grant will fund materials to build a three level “World Peace Game” which includes a playing board that represents the ocean, land, and sky elements of society such as schools, hospitals, military, housing, factories, etc. The game will prompt students, as countries, to grapple with real world domestic and international issues while attempting to raise the standard of living for their particular and unique country and the overall world. The interdisciplinary unit engages critical thinking, writing, speaking to groups, and historical empathy.  It establishes a conceptual framework for the curriculum of the two International Baccalaureate courses on World History. Mr. Parker notes that strategic games are engaging for all students and that research has proven conceptual frameworks support higher level thinking and cross-curriculum learning. 

According to Mr. Parker, a pre-assessment will be given to identify conceptual elements of government, world history, and economics that students already know. Students will be asked for specific examples to support their conceptual understandings.   The assessment will serve as both a quantitative assessment (how much can a student identify in regards to the questions) and a qualitative assessment (to what extent does a student feel engaged, sympathetic, empathetic, and appreciative of the elements of world history of the past and present).  A post assessment of the same type will be administered. 

One of the unique features of this grant is how it engages numerous classes.  Mr. Parker notes that the design tech classes will develop and construct the frame and board. The English department will aid in writing to a specific audience. The economics and math classes will develop long and short term economic plans while simultaneously balancing an ongoing budget.   The social studies team will be asked to share in the student driven research that determines each country’s political, social, and cultural decisions so that each country can make an educated and informed decision in how they lead their people.  “When students are confronted with real world dilemmas (climate change, deforestation, lack of natural resources/food) the science team, similar to the social studies team, will be asked to help students develop educated and informed decisions.” 

Mr. Parker has been a member of Northwest Professional Educators for three years.  His  primary reason for joining was NWPE’s objective stance on education issues driven by member surveys.  Additionally, he appreciates NWPE’s legal support which provides peace of mind for him and his family.  Mr. Parker knows that teacher choice advances teacher professionalism.  “NWPE truly allows for options (like a real marketplace would provide) in allowing educators to make decisions that they and their community specifically support.” 

Congratulations again to Zach Parker!  NWPE is proud to reward educators for their hard work and creativity in the classroom.

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