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School Choice Week in Action – 8 Easy Ways to Spread the Word!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 29, 2015, 11:00 PM   


A strong online presence is just as critical as a march on Washington. Here’s what you can do:
  • Post Tweets like this one about why you support choice in education using the hashtags #SchoolChoice and #SCW. The more we post, the more likely we are to become a trending topic. Let your friends know you support options for teachers and encourage them to do the same!
  • Change your profile picture to one that stands out from the crowd. People are drawn to causes their friends support. And many of them may be hearing about our issue for the first time. Something as simple as changing a profile picture can spark the conversation!
  • Send an email like this one to your state leaders. This tool will help make sure your state leaders know where you stand. When you’re done, share this link!
  • Write a Blog to help get the word out. Blogs are great tools because not only do they help draw attention to your current reader base, but they give the cause longevity while they are available for viewing long after the celebration is over. Do you teach at a great charter school? Do you benefit from new techbology? Let AAE know! We’ll make sure we get the word out for you!
  • Share pictures like these on Instagram. We’re already seeing tons of great photos flooding in. Join them by sharing photos of YOUR school choice celebration!
  • Submit a Letter to the Editor. Local newspapers love to hear from YOU. Write them a letter about school choice week and why you support choice for teachers and students. AAE can help!
  • Join one of the 11,082 events being held in your area. Event participation isn’t limited to showing up to a rally. You can also join webinars, twitter pushes, and even robocalls! Find out what’s coming up!
  • Learn the School Choice dance. Who doesn’t like to dance? If you do nothing else this week, then get your blood flowing by learning the school choice dance.

Thousands of school choice leaders are already doing great work getting the momentum going and spreading the word about how school choice changes lives.

Let’s keep it up!

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