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Bradley Hansen on his charter teaching experience
posted by: Cindy Omlin | June 01, 2016, 05:58 PM   

NWPE member Bradley Hansen teaches at
Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls, Idaho. According to its website, Xavier Charter Schools are dedicated to providing a classical, intellectually rigorous, content-rich, liberal arts education preparing students to excel in every duty and guiding them toward wisdom and virtue by implementing a classical curriculum which includes the humanities and classical sciences with music, drama, visual art, and dance as core subjects.  Mr. Hansen offers his perspective on working in a public charter school.

bradley hansen 2015What do you like about teaching in a charter school?

 I love the culture involved. The students are more dedicated and the atmosphere is non-confrontational. Its a small school so it is easy to get to know my colleages and students.

What sets your school apart?

We are education focused. Our classical model focuses on in-class learning and student self motivation. We have a more rigorous curriculum which pushes our students. 

What motivates you as an educator?

I love the moments where the student makes a connection in their mind and they "get it." The moment where it makes sense and they get excited to know more. I want to show that science can be fun even though it could be challenging. 

What are the misconceptions you face as a charter school educator?

The misconception I face the most often is the assumption that we are a private school or a religious institution. Both of those things are not correct. We are public funded and tuition free. Our curriculum also is based on state state standards and religion is not taught in our building. 

What would you like to tell teachers in other environments about teaching in a charter school?

You really get to know the students. I have had students that I have been teaching for 4 years now. You see them in your classroom year after year and watch them develop and grow.

Thank you, Mr. Hansen, for giving us your perspective on working in a charter school.  It's nice that students and teachers have choices!

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