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Best Teacher Resources of 2012
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 03, 2013, 03:38 AM   

Let's face it–2012 has been a year of momentous change for teachers. Our profession is in the midst of dramatic growth. With these exciting new developments come a host of new resources to help teachers manage the world we find ourselves in. Here are our choices for the best of 2012: 

  • The Teaching Channel – Professional Development in video form. This website is informative, helpful, and easy to access and utilize.
  • TEDEd – I've been a fan of TED for years. I'm thrilled to find there is now an easy way to integrate it into my classroom.
  • ClassDojo – It's an iPad app that helps you with that always troublesome classroom management! Not only does this get kids to behave, it gets kids excited about behaving.
  • Educreations – This program, usable on your iPad or computer browser, lets you create videos that you can share with your students. If you're not so creative, you can just browse and recycle one of the ones already created.
  • Tablets – Most of the above are made possible, or at least made better, by the use of tablets. It seems amazing to think that just a year or so ago it was near unimaginable to think about using tablets in classrooms. Now, tablets are being adopted by schools at an amazing rate and making learning situations possible that weren't possible before. If you're a teacher in a class with 1 to 1 tablets, know that I'm jealous!

Take some time this break to check out a few of these resources, and think about implementing them in 2013!

Originally posted by Melissa at AAE.

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