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May’s Teacher Resource Picks!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | May 17, 2013, 09:33 PM   

Every month, AAE takes some time to put together the best teacher resources we’ve come across.  This month we’ve got online tools to help with grading and seating charts, timelines, backchannels, Shakespeare and more!

is an online tool that gives teachers the ability to take resources from all over the web (YouTube, Pinterest, polling sites, etc), and turn them into a video lesson. Teachers interested in flipping their classroom will benefit from this robust tool.


The Folger Theater Shakespeare Library has created a set of Teacher Resources.  If you’re a language arts teacher looking for inspiration on how to teach the great bard, you couldn’t do better than the most authoritative voice in the United States.


Timeglider is a website that allows students to create and collaborate on timelines.  Pictures and videos can be added, making this a worthwhile tool for any history class.


Planbook EDU takes the hassle out of creating lesson plans.  This online tool allows teachers to create an online lesson plan book.  Not only can you create and save your lessons online, but you can also link to the materials you’ll be using.  If you’re tired of scribbling in tiny boxes in your planbook, you should give this a try.


Class Charts brings the traditional seating chart into the 21st century.  Using this online tool, teachers can correlate loads of data into their seating charts and use that data when rearranging charts or setting up groups.  Once you have your charts created, you can then easily track student behavior.  The site is free and is worth checking out by teachers of all grades and subjects.


Today’s Meet is a website that creates a private backchannel for your classroom.  Backchannels are great ways for students to submit questions, comments, or other feedback without disrupting a lesson.  We’ve used it here at AAE in some of our meetings and can attest to its usefulness.


Sand and Water Tables is a Blog by Tom Bedard that’s perfect for early childhood educators.  This blog demonstrates a wide variety of unique sensory tables for your students to experiment and play with.  Teachers looking for something new or innovative in their class should check it out!

Originally posted by Melissa at AAE.

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