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Wisconsin's Third Largest District Votes to Decertify from the Union
posted by: Ruthie | September 16, 2013, 06:46 PM   

Teachers in Kenosha, Wisconsin are now able to choose an association that best meets their needs. Following sweeping changes that ended forced unionism in Wisconsin in 2011, the Kenosha Teachers Union was required to file for annual recertification by August 30th in order to bargain for local teachers. According to reports, the union did not meet this deadline, as the majority of members voted in favor of decertification.

One of the biggest changes resulting from the decertification will be individual Kenosha teachers' ability to negotiate their own salaries, instead of mandating that the union bargain collectively for them. Not only will capable teachers have the freedom to discuss their own salaries, but Kenosha teachers will now be able to select professional alternatives.

"The fact that teachers, in what once was one of the largest and most partisan local unions in the state, would voluntarily choose not to join the union is astounding. Act 10 gave these hard-working men and women the freedom to choose and they are telling big labor just exactly how they feel about forced-participation and the unions' boorish behavior," Brett Healy, President of the MacIver Institute said.

Teachers in Kenosha are also exercising their democratic right to choose the organization that best matches their values. AAE has seen tremendous growth in Kenosha just in the last few weeks.
Our teachers deserve an organization that they can be proud of. Teachers, we urge you to make informed decisions on where to spend your hard earned dollars.

We extend a warm welcome to the many teachers across Wisconsin who have made the choice to join AAE in these past few weeks. Let your colleagues know about AAE today!

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