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Stranger than Fiction: Michigan Union Publishes Names of Former Members
posted by: Ruthie | October 17, 2013, 07:27 PM   

Since the advent of teacher freedom of choice in Michigan, the Michigan Education Association (MEA) has stopped at nothing to keep members in the fold. According to new reports by teachers and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, one local union is publishing the names of former members in their newsletters.

The union newsletter listed the names of 16 employees from four school districts, who decided against paying dues or fees to the union, as well as the services they no longer receive due to their decision to opt out of the union.

For example, Kathi Moreau, a counselor at Stephenson Area Public Schools, opted out because of the cost and because she said she was never backed by her union. A few months later Kathi was shocked to see her name in MEA’s newsletter.

"The fact that names were published in the newsletter confirmed the thought that some unions would throw their members under a bus at the blink of an eye," Moreau said in an email. "Additionally, there was no reason for publishing our names and it is nothing less than a cheap shot for opting out."

Jim Perialas, president of the Roscommon Teachers Association and an AAE member, said, "You would think that a professional teacher organization would not participate in this type of behavior.” He continued, “These teachers were exercising their rights, and publishing their names implies that the readers should treat them differently, in a negative way. Rather than ask them how they can win them back, they use bullying."

It’s downright shocking that a local MEA chapter would stoop to this low, by bullying and intimidating former members. As AAE grows in Michigan, we hope that more educators choose professional alternatives and exercise their rights.

What do you think of the tactics used to keep teachers in the MEA?

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