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Steilacoom Meet and Greet A Great Success
posted by: Cindy Omlin | November 12, 2014, 02:51 PM   

Thank you to NWPE member Teresa Jeffreys who recently hosted an NWPE Meet and Greet for colleagues.  Held in her classroom after school, teachers came to learn more about the association and the superior services NWPE provides educators for career protection and professional support.

NWPE co-founder and board member Barb Amidon, a retired school counselor from Olympia, WA, joined Executive Director Cindy Omlin to present information to an inquisitive group of teachers who were excited to learn that they have a nonunion choice for professional protection and advancement.  Representative Dick Muri also joined the Meet and Greet as he has a longtime interest in education as a parent, former school board member, and member of the House of Representatives.  

steilacoom meet and greet cropped

Several members shared their experiences in both the union and NWPE explaining, comparing and contrasting their experience as NWPE members with their experience as union members and building representatives.  Numerous teachers from Chloe Clark Elementary School asked insightful questions about legal services, bargaining, member participation, politics, and more.  Their questions peppered a lively discussion about the history of NWPE as a state partner of the Association of American Educators, its philosophy, professional services and career protection benefits.

We're happy to report that 100% of the teachers who came exploring NWPE as an option to the teachers union have joined and more are expected as the word spreads!  One teacher commented to Teresa, a longtime NWPE member, "Why have you kept this a secret for fifteen years!"


Have you been keeping NWPE a secret for far too long?  

If you are interested in helping host an NWPE Meet and Greet for your colleagues, please contact NWPE.  We can arrange a convenient gathering at your school or off campus location and provide you with a modification of this 
informational flyer to help you promote the event.  It's a fun, friendly way to provide your colleagues with the information and personal engagement they need to decide for the association that best meets their budget and beliefs.  They'll be so grateful you did!  

Contact NWPE today to start the planning!

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