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Chad Harris Awarded NWPE Grant!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 11, 2014, 11:09 PM   

Congratulations to Mr. Chad Harris, a 5th grade teacher at Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center in Blackfoot, ID, who was recently awarded a $500 Classroom Grant from Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE), the state’s only non-union professional teacher association.  Mr. Harris will use the funds to obtain books and art supplies in order to expand the arts and humanities program in his classroom and school.

Acknowledging that even though the humanities have lost financial support, “The arts and music still remain important to a child's cognitive development,” according to Mr. Harris.  The books he plans to purchase with the grant “will serve as foundation pieces to a new, easy art program that teachers and parent volunteers will be able to use to lead students in the development and nurturing of a critical understanding of the world's greatest artists and their works.” 

chad harrisA member of Northwest Professional Educators, Mr. Harris joined NWPE to advance his professionalism and because NWPE is not a labor union.  He believes that advancing the professionalism of educators must begin within the teaching ranks. “I have taught for 10 years, been an administrator, education policy adviser to a governor, liaison to superintendents, and trainer to school boards. I've seen education from many perspectives. Professionalism must start with us; it must start within us. We must usurp our faculty lounges from the dredges of negativism. Let's throw open the windows to allow fresh breezes of optimism--optimism in our students, parents, and administrator. . .We must stand taller and become leaders of professional expectations. Expectations of students being successful despite their burgeoning burdens in life. Expectations that colleagues see the best in themselves and others — and serve others instead of waiting to be served. Expectations that administrators do seek out the best for our children under limited resources, conflicting priorities, and the most politicized occupation on the planet. Professionalism in teaching will rise as we lower our pride and raise our personal levels of professionalism. The professionalism of teaching will follow.” 

We congratulate Chad on his grant and for working hard to raise the professionalism of educators, first starting with himself and by promoting optimism and high expectations within the education system!

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