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Best Spotify® Playlists for Teachers
posted by: Melissa | October 09, 2018, 07:39 PM   

Music has an important place in learning and the classroom. Music can trigger memories and help students learn new material. It can also create a mood to deepen a lesson or lighten up a party. With all the importance music plays in learning, it should have a place in every classroom. To help you incorporate music more, here are our favorite playlists for the classroom from Spotify®. Enjoy!

  1. Miss Bensko’s School Playlist – This playlist is filled with pop music that’s free of offensive language and is school appropriate. Try it during your next classroom party or casual work session.
  2. Vitamin String Quartet – How about your favorite rock songs turned into instrumental string pieces? Its laid back vibe and its absence of lyrics make it perfect to put on while students are working.
  3. Your Daily Routine – This Spotify®-created playlist is great for teachers of young students. It has songs that not only will help with transitions, but other learning songs too.
  4. russeltarr’s WWII Playlist – This playlist is chock-full of WWII-themed music that can be used to spice up history lessons. The teacher who created it also has many other history playlists that you can use in your social studies class.
  5. Learn Spanish – It’s not music, but Spotify® can help students learn languages. This is a Spotify- created “playlist” of Spanish lessons.

Do you have a playlist on Spotify® or another service you use in your classroom?

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