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Technology Update: Chromebooks Rivaling Tablets and Laptops
posted by: Cindy Omlin | July 11, 2013, 09:09 PM   

With the constant influx of Apple products entering the market, it is often hard to decipher the best products for your classroom. In addition to iPads, lap tops, and tablets, a new product is quickly gaining popularity in the education sector – Google Chromebooks.

The popular search engine and provider of calendars, email, document sharing, and much more now has its own computer system. Since their release in June 2011, Acer, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo have been producing Chromebooks. While Chromebooks cannot do everything that a laptop or tablet can do, their price, wide variety of apps, and capability to house and create documents, make these devices appealing to teachers and students. The ability to streamline all Google accounts and applications also make the device appealing to busy teachers.

A recent article from The Journal reveals that Spring Lake Public Schools in Michigan, Sioux Falls School District in South Dakota, Winnecombe Community School District in Wisconsin, and the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) — a non-profit organization that manages 25 Chicago Public Schools — have all implemented or plan to implement both iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom.

Reports show Chromebooks as especially appealing to high school student.  "At the high school level, some of the implementation of Chromebooks has been in English classes, and they're producing a ton of work," said Scott Ely, curriculum director at Spring Lake Public Schools. "If the kids are doing a lot of writing, that's a good tool." Chromebooks are available for as low as $199 and weigh around 3 pounds.

"We have found Chromebooks to be the perfect tools — they’re portable and easy to use, have a keyboard and a large screen, and are secure," said Lisa DeLapo, the school's director of technology in a  blogpost.

While iPad still remains king among tablets, Chromebooks seem like they could be a fit for educators. According to the 2013 AAE Membership Survey, 58% of teachers are using technology most of the time. As we continue to add new devices into our classroom, it will be interesting to see how the technology world responds to the unique needs of teachers and schools. In implementing new hardware, functionality and price remain top priorities. 

What do you think about these new devices? What technology do you use in your classroom?
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Originally posted by Ruthie at AAE.

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