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Congratulations to Karen Lyle of Davenport School District, who was recently awarded a $500 Teacher Scholarship to attend the Ron Clark Academy.  Ms. Lyle, a ten year member of NWPE, shared that she appreciates having options. “NWPE has helped me many times over the years, and my Board is supportive of choice.”  NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller presented her award at a school staff meeting on April 25.

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Congratulations to Mr. Randall Owyang, an eleven year member of NWPE and music teacher for K-5 and special education students in Bethel, WA.  He has been awarded a $500 classroom grant to expand student participation in band.  Mr. Owyang appreciates how his NWPE membership “helps me to remain focused on student learning without distractions. I appreciate NWPE's thought-provoking e-letters, tangible support though liability insurance, scholarships and grants, and personal contact with organizational leadership.” 

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Becky Mitchell Wins NWPE Grant!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | March 30, 2016, 10:16 PM

Congratulations to Ms. Becky Mitchell, an NWPE member and high school English/language arts and chemistry teacher at Vision Charter School in Caldwell, ID.  Ms. Mitchell was awarded a $500 Classroom Grant by Brenda Miller, NWPE regional director, at a school staff meeting on March 30th.  A proud NWPE member for 3 years, Ms. Mitchell states that she was excited to have an organization to join that had so many benefits but none of the politics of other organizations.  “I feel protected by the liability insurance and part of a bigger movement in the world of education.”

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Megann Erni Wins NWPE Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | March 09, 2016, 10:14 PM

Congratulations to Megann Erni, Waterville High School Math teacher, who was recently awarded a $250 New Classroom Start Up Grant.  NWPE member and one of the leaders of the Waterville Teacher Leadership Council Justin Grillo presented the award at a staff meeting focused on leadership. 

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Sara Klure, NWPE Member, Wins Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | March 09, 2016, 09:50 PM

Congratulations to Ms. Sara Klure, a second grade teacher at Rolling Hills Public Charter School in Boise, ID.  She has been awarded a $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grant to purchase classroom novel sets that would allow each student to have their own copy during  novel units and more books for the class’ independent reading library.  NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller awarded the grant a staff meeting. New to NWPE, Sara chose NWPE after having not been part of a professional organization for about 6 years. “I was unhappy with my past organization because there were a lot of secret meetings and political agendas. I appreciate that NWPE keeps their messages focused on ways to keep teaching professional and that they do not affiliate themselves with political agendas.”

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NWPE "Cat in the Hat" Bonanza
posted by: Cindy Omlin | March 04, 2016, 02:27 AM

Northwest Professional Educators is celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Read Across America this week with personal visits and readings by the Cat in the Hat himself!  Actually,  Brenda Miller, NWPE regional director, is showing up dressed to the tee for the occasion!  

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Lauren Menger Wins Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | March 01, 2016, 09:18 PM

Congratulations to NWPE member Lauren Menger, 3rd/4th grade teacher at Idaho Arts Charter School on winning a $250 New Classroom Start Up Grant.  The award was presented to her by Brenda Miller, NWPE regional director, at a school staff meeting.  Laura appreciates the support that NWPE gives teachers.  “I joined NWPE because of the amazing benefits that it offers. I specifically love how willing they are to help teachers out. A representative came to our school and was extremely personable. She mentioned several examples of how NWPE can provide support to educators. What stood out to me most was how you can simply call up to get advice. Sometimes an outside perspective really helps. I also value the legal representation.”

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Grant Winner Tiffany Jessen Loves Choice!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | February 29, 2016, 11:10 PM

Choice.  Sounds nice, right?  That’s why New Classroom Start Up Grant winner Tiffany Jessen, a second grade teacher at Centennial Elementary in Nampa, ID, joined NWPE.  “My primary reason for joining NWPE was choice. I didn't want my money to go towards politics that I did not agree with. I also appreciate NWPE’s much lower cost. As a new teacher, I don't make much money and much of it has gone to setting up my classroom.   I have appreciated having a choice because I feel that my money should go where my values go. Though I understand that education is political, I don't feel that our union should support political candidates.”

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Angie Samson Wins Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | February 29, 2016, 10:31 PM

Congratulations to NWPE member Angie Samson, a 4th grade teacher at The Village Charter School in Boise, ID.  NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller recently awarded Ms. Samson with a $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grant to enhance her classroom.  Ms. Samson plans to build up her classroom library and leveled reading group materials as well as purchase math manipulatives, math games, and some inside recess/free time games with the grant funds.

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NWPE Members Lead Future City Teams to Awards
posted by: Cindy Omlin | February 02, 2016, 10:40 PM

NWPE member and Salmon River Middle School science teacher Sarah Walters took her students to the dump and the Riggins sewage treatment facility in order to prompt their interest in science and engineering. That led to a collaborative effort and entry into the Future City Competition.  Ms. Walters noted that it was a full staff effort.  “I headed up the project but owe the success of the project to the whole staff at Salmon River Middle School.  We decided this year to make Future City a collaborative project.  The Math teacher taught about scale, the history teachers taught about the city basics and what makes a city successful, the English teachers helped write the essays, the shop teacher helped build the models, and in science, we designed our engineering plans, researched waste management methods, took field trips to study how our city's waste is managed and put together our presentation.  It took not just a team of students but the staff also worked as a team.”

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Shawna Exline Featured in NSCW Spotlight Video!
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 28, 2016, 09:38 PM

Woo hoo!!!  NWPE member Shawna Exline, West Ada 2016 Teacher of the Year, is featured in the National School Choice Spotlight video for 1-28-16.  (Please note that you have to scroll down to the video and wait for the brief audio of rapper Ludicrous to finish before the video will start.)  NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller is furthering the celebration by hosting a lunch at Shawna's school of choice, the Idaho Fine Arts Academy, on the 29th. See below for pictures of the fun!

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Idaho Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter proclaims January 25-31, 2016, "Idaho School and Teacher Choice Week."  See the signed proclation here and read below for the full text as well. 

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NWPE member and West Ada 2016 Teacher of the Year Shawna Exline addresses the Idaho School Choice Rally today!  This exceptional educator not only appreciates school choices that best meet students' needs, including her own children, she appreciates how school choice has advanced her career and how proud she is to have a professional choice as a member of Northwest Professional Educators.  Read on for her speech on the capitol steps in Boise, ID, and as well as her guest column in the Idaho Statesman. 

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Lori Porter tired of paying to be bullied
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 24, 2016, 10:28 PM

So, what’s a teacher to do?

You love guiding, inspiring, teaching children.

You enjoy the ever-changing landscape each day brings.

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School Choice Rally Has Premier Planning
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 21, 2016, 07:29 PM

The Idaho School Choice Week planning committee has been working diligently to bring the most outstanding School Choice rally to Idaho’s capitol yet!  Creative minds with big hearts are at the soul of this event set to take place on Wednesday, January 27 at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, ID.

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NWPE Members Published in Seattle Times on Friedrichs
posted by: Cindy Omlin | January 12, 2016, 09:10 PM

Congratulations to Barbara Watson, Jim Johnson, and Rachel Damiano, three NWPE members who had their editorial on the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association case published in the Seattle Times.

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The search is over.  After numerous public forums and interviews with Dr. Mary Ann Ranells, former superintendent of Lakeland School District in Rathdrum, ID, the West Ada board of directors has offered Dr. Ranells its superintendent position and she has accepted.  This follows a contentious and controversial struggle between West Ada’s new board members and former superintendent Dr. Linda Clark.

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Congratulations to Terri King, NWPE member and business teacher at Odessa High School.  Ms. King was recently awarded a $500 scholarship  by NWPE Regional Director Brenda Miller who presented the award at an all school staff meeting.  Ms. King will use the funds to attend the 2016 Northwest Council of Computer Education (NCCE) Conference in Seattle, WA, in February.   She will take courses with special emphasis on learning how to integrate technology into the curriculum and digital literacy.

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NWPE Member David Jones Garners $500 Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 08, 2015, 09:08 PM

Congratulations to Mr. David Jones, a general music and band instructor at Spirit Lake Elementary in the Lakeland School District, who was awarded a $500 grant from Brenda Miller, NWPE Regional Director.  Ms. Miller presented the award at a school staff meeting on November 17th.

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NWPE Member Laurent Motte Wins $500 NWPE Grant
posted by: Cindy Omlin | December 01, 2015, 08:26 PM


Congratulations to NWPE member Mr. Laurent Motte, an eighth to twelfth grade foreign language teacher at Chrysalis School, a private school in Woodinville, WA.  Mr. Motte has been awarded a $500 Classroom Grant from NWPE to purchase carefully chosen European comics that will enrich students’ experience with foreign language both at home and in individual teaching sessions.

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